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Bottero Laminated Glass Production Line

Bottero Laminated Glass Production Line


Make : Bottero

Model : U-Line 5000×2600

Description : Laminated Glass Production Line

Glass dimensions (length x width): Max 5000 x 2600 mm
Min 600 x 180 mm
Glass thickness: single glass sheet from 3 to 19 mm
Sandwich max 80mm (for max 8 glass layers)
Glass type: Float, low-E (the required low-e glass has to be tested in advance), tempered (*). Different or special glasses have to be tested in advance
PVB film thickness: Min 0,38 mm
Max 1,52 mm. Higher PVB layer are possible using more PVB foils overlapped. (for max 10 overlapped foils for each PVB

Glass weight (loading): Max. 620 kg
Glass weight (unloading): Max 1350 Kg
The line is equipped with twin plate option, in order to laminate contemporary twin plates with
the following dimensions (length x width):
Max 1200 x 1200 mm
Min 600 x 180 mm

Line Main Features : The LAMINATED GLASS PRODUCTION LINE (see lay-out GZF500-0001R00) is composed by the following machines:

– Loading tilting conveyor
– Washing machine
– Squaring conveyor
– Aerial transfer
– Conveyor for PVB / glass assembling and PVB trimming
– Revolver PVB storage – 6 rolls with cutter
– Pre-oven
– First pressing unit
– Main oven
– Second pressing unit
– Unloading tilting conveyor

Overall Dimension of the Complete Line : The line is designed according to all CE standards, thus including covers, protections and safety systems. Different standards have to be quoted separately.
The line is equipped with industrial PLC and a dedicated software. All production activities are
controlled and synchronized for optimizing the cycle times and the energy consumption (related
to the specific glass dimension and thickness); the operator interface is made of 3 control panels
(located in the loading/unloading area, and in the white room) for allowing the:
• Setting, saving and loading the production parameters
• Checking the line working cycles (self diagnostic)
• Showing anomalies and/or alarm messages

The line is according CE safety regulation.
The line can operate according the following operative modes:
• Single plate
• Twin plates production
• Multi-loading production
• Matrix production

Akarmak Autoclave

  • CE/ASME Certified
  • User friendly PLC and Scada control systems
  • Ready to use recipes for different glass thicknesses, tempered glass, PVB and SGP applications
  • Electrical, Indirect steam and Thermal oil heating
  • Product temperature control
  • High quality and energy efficient insulation
  • Optimum air circulation and homogenous heat distribution


– Installation, commissioning, delivery and Warranty

– Viewing by appointment only


Age : 2012

Price : Price on Application

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